MMC showcases Castemp technology at COP27 - M.M.C - Misr Measurement & control Co.
MMC showcases Castemp technology at COP27

Misr Measurement and Control (MMC) has announced its participation in the Climate Summit COP27, currently being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, where it will showcase its latest buy real methandienone online solutions and products using CasTemp technology, which enables Steel plants to reduce their carbon footprint.

MMC will participate during the activities of the second session, which discusses the decarbonization of Steel industry, one of the most carbon-intensive industries.

Engineer Rady Nasr, chief technical officer for l “MMC” and representative of the company during the conference, said that the climate crisis represents a huge challenge for the whole world due to major climatic fluctuations whose phenomena are reflected in various fields and human dimensions in light of the excessive consumption of natural resources and the increase in the volume of emissions from Heavy industries such as iron and steel.

Rady added that the company launched its “HEDGE” sustainability model, which is a framework that aims to achieve sustainability in all fields, and that environmental sustainability is a major part of this model and its main goal is to preserve natural capital and reduce the carbon footprint.

The chief technical officer of “MMC” expressed his happiness at holding this global event in Egypt, so that we can share the latest systems which have achieved a qualitative leap in reducing carbon emissions from iron and steel factories.

Engineer Rady Nasr stressed that climate change is an issue of existence, and there are no other solutions for the world other than adaptation and mitigation. Our role as a strategic partner for the iron and steel industry in Egypt and the Middle East is to provide tools, processes and development of environmentally friendly technologies to achieve transformation plans for development that take into account climate factors.

Nasr indicated that COP27 provides more opportunities for cooperation and coordination with development partners to move forward to provide technical support services and build the capacities of the iron and steel sector around the world to achieve their plans and policies aimed at gradually reducing carbon emissions. This can be helped through use of CasTemp technology.