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Immersion Lance

The Immersion Lance has been designed for Positherm and Celox®.
The Celox” Lance features unique possibility of being applicable for Positherm® also.
The Immersion Lance connects the measuring probe with the
In both cases the contact block consists of a replaceable tip which can be changed in a few minutes.
Interior cable can be glass fiber insulated compensation wire but a better solution is mineral insulated copper sheathed wire which for Celox® measurement is obligatory.
For heavy duty conditions and also in locations where no telescopic oversleeves for lance protection can be used we recommend the use of an interior extension pipe. The small diameter of our disposable probe allows the complete unit to be constructed in 3/4″ tube and to remain easy to handle.
Hardware and parts for the Immersion Lance can be ordered as separate items.

Detailed Description 

1. Contact block :

Sealed contact block mounted in a steel tube with split pin for mounting in the lanceholder.
A. Positherm contact block
Cu-CuNi: for Pt10°/Rh/Pt and Pt13°/Rh/Pt
Cu-Cu: for Pt6%Rh/Pt300/oRh
B. Celox contact block
4 contacts Cu-CuNi-Cu-CUNI: for Pt10%Rh/Pt and Pt13%Rh/Pt 4 contacts Cu-Cu-Cu-Cu: for Pt6%Rh/Pt30%Rh

2. Lance holder:
Steel lance holder provides maximum protection from heat.
Lenghts available: 300 mm / 400 mm / 500 mm / 600 mm / 700mm / 900mm/1200mm/1500mm/1700mm

3. 3/4″ dia pipe. : Extension pipe available for any length desired

4. Arrest ring for protection sleeve.

5. Handle: includes provision for making wiring connections

6. Connector: A locking, plug-in connector, 4 pole to connect the Immersion Lance with the external compensation cable.

Interior compensating lead wire : 

A. Two conductor: Cu-CuNi: mineral insulation and copper sheath Cu-Cu: mineral insulation and copper sheat
Cu-CuNi: glass fiber insulation
Cu. 1( conductor only) glass fiber insulation
B. Four conductor:
Cu-CuNi-Cu-CuNi: with mineral insulation and copper sheath


External compensating lead wire : 

A. Two conductor Cu-CuNi with copper braid and PVC-jacket Cu-Cu
with copper braid and PVC-jacket.
B. Four conductor Cu-CuNi-Cu-Cu with copper braid and PVC-jacket Other types of external compensation cable are available on request.


Option for Heavy Duty Lance : 

7. Interior extension pipe, 1meter
A Cr-Ni steel extension inside the
main tube to provide additional
protection for the compensating lead wire
8. Cylindrical tube: 3/4″ dia., 1meter
– Standard stainless steel tube for
extreme temperature conditions – Special stainless steel tube for
extreme temperature conditions.
9. Connecting piece: Connection unit to connect tubes 8 and 3 and to position the interior extension pipe.

Emergency Lance:

Monolithic emergency lances for purging the molten metal with argon/Nitrogen. MMC commitments the manufacturing of these lances from high quality refractory castable having highest level of strength, resistance to temperature changes, anti-corrosion properties. This lance can be used alone or together with ladle bottom purging plugs. The use of lances can qualitatively improve the homogeneity and the steel quality