Misr Measurement & Control becomes Heraeus Electro-Nite Exclusive Agent

GIZA, EGYPT, March 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Misr Measurement and Control “MMC”, the main partner in the iron and steel industry in Egypt and the pioneer in the manufacturing and supply of measuring probes for molten metals and iron smelting furnaces, announced its strategic partnership with the global provider Heraeus Electro‐Nite, the worlwide leader in the measurement for molten metals since the fifties.

Mona Helmy, Head of Marketing and Sales for Misr Measurement and Control “MMC”, said that MMC is continuously evaluating its partnerships with suppliers to reach the best service provided to its customers in Egypt and provide them with the latest products that are in line with the rapid development in this vital sector in Egypt.
From this standpoint, Heraeus Electro‐Nite & MMC jointly took the decision to partner in order to provide the market with the latest products to serve the metal industry in Egypt.

Helmy indicated that as the Egyptian government has taken a number of measures to support this industry, such as reducing gas prices for factories, interest rates and electricity tariffs, in order to continue to be in the first position in the Arab world for steel exports, MMC is striving to supply the region with the best production inputs that are comparable to those in global markets.

Helmy added that the contract signed with Heraeus Electro‐Nite is geared towards obtaining more sophisticated products to serve our customers in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and a host of other countries as MMC seeks to provide innovative and high end quality products.

Misr Measurement and Control Company “MMC” is an Egyptian joint stock company founded by the late Eng. Ahmed Fouad Attia, in 1990. MMC is ISO 9001 certified and is currently the regional leader in process control for molten metal industry.